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(409) 765-6833
(409) 765-6833
Lister Plumbing
P.O Box 2427
Galveston, TX. 77553
Phone: (409) 765-6833
Fax: 409-762-2435
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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In Business Since 1984

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do we charge?
We charge $99 per hour plus a $49 base price. For example if a job takes 30 minutes we would charge $49 + $99 / 2 = $98.50 plus any parts used. We do NOT have a one hour minimum like some plumbers.

What is procedure to restore gas service after being red-tagged?
You must hire a licensed plumber to correct any code violations relating to your gas piping, water heater vent, etc. The plumber must fill your gas piping with air and call for inspection. The city plumbing inspector must leave a green tag and notify the gas company that your property is ready. The person who pays the gas bills must call the gas company and ask them to send a technician to turn on the gas (1-800-700-2443).

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What is a back flow preventer?
A testable back flow preventer is required on residential irrigation systems to prevent contaminants such as fertilizer from siphoning into the city water main if the city water pressure is interrupted. The city requires these devices to be tested periodically to verify that they function.

What is hydro-jetting?
Hydro-jetting is usually the best way to remove build-ups of grease, soap, sand, etc. from a sewer. A high pressure hose propels itself through the sewer using jets of water from the nozzle. These jets of water help flush the debris out of your sewer.

What is video inspection?
Sometimes a drain pipe has a problem such as a hole or low spot that causes recurring stoppages. We insert a video camera into the drain to locate and diagnose the problem. This tool is very useful when the problem is under concrete.